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Nimra Rafique

Quality Control and Student Recruitment Officer
Nimra is a highly accomplished individual who has been an invaluable asset to Markcon since May 2023. Currently serving as a Quality Control and Student Recruitment Officer,Nimra excels in her role, specializing in facilitating admissions. With an impressive academic background, Nimra holds an MPhil in Molecular Pathology and Genomics from FCCU,further her expertise in the field. Nimra takes great pride in her noteworthy accomplishments, which include her tenure in the esteemed Nuclear Medicine Department at CENUM Pakistan Atomic EnergyCommission.Additionally, she conducted groundbreaking research, delving into the extraction of the L1 gene from the highly contagious HPV, a testament to her dedication and passion for scientific advancement.

As a professional of utmost integrity, Nimra consistently demonstrates unwavering commitment and diligence in her work. Interacting with students from diverse cultural backgrounds and nationalities,she ensures that Markcon upholds its reputation as a provider of authentic and reliable information, tailored to the specific interests and needs of applicants and agents alike.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Nimra possesses a zest for life that extends to her personal interests. She finds joy in exploring new destinations through her travels, indulging in the spirited competition of badminton and basketball.

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