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Azza Kattan

Business Developer (MENA)
Azza kattan joining Markcon as a Business Development Officer for the MENA region is a significant career move. Her role involves fostering strategic partnerships and expanding the network of educational institutions, with a focus on student recruitment from the MENA region. This showcases her commitment to driving the growth and success of her organization.
Azza's journey started with her completion of secondary education, after which she pursued a Bachelor's degree in Dentistry. This educational background not only equipped her with knowledge in healthcare but also taught her the importance of precision and attention to detail.
Azza is known for her professionalism, integrity, and ethical approach. These values are crucial in building trust and maintaining strong relationships, especially in the business development field. Azza's fast learning, adaptability, and enthusiasm for new challenges make her a valuable asset in the dynamic education industry. Her unwavering work ethic and willingness to go the extra mile are qualities that contribute to remarkable results.
Azza Kattan's journey is a testament to the potential for individuals to excel in diverse fields and make a significant impact. Her unique background, values, and commitment to her work make her a remarkable professional.

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