Get authentic and informative educational counselling from us

We understand the importance of counselling students from many backgrounds. If you need
assistance in different languages, at unsociable hours due to time difference, assistance
understanding which career or university might be best for you, or an abundance of other
queries, we can help. Our university partners also provide a dedicated team independently,
offering additional support. 
We ensure our university partners understand the importance of communication and
transparency, allowing us to assist our students best. It is important that students are given
concise information, this will help in making the right choices regarding their studies, future
education plans, and career aspirations, among others.
Our method in guiding students 
When you enrol into university through Markcon, you will be glad to know that all our partner
universities have an additional student support team. These teams are on hand to answer any
queries you may have or provide assistance after we have completed the application process.
They can provide support on a range of topics including academic matters, personal issues,
housing queries, medical registration etc. Additionally, students have a range of workshops and
online materials on offer to assist your academic progression. For students who are residents in
the UK for six months or longer, you will be eligible for free healthcare and you can register
with an NHS GP.
We encourage our students to stay in touch with us both during the application process and
following enrolment. We take counselling very seriously, and offer it in a safe, supportive
environment. It is of paramount importance to us that our students are at ease and can freely
seek our support.