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Why you should choose our English language test

You want to find out exactly what English language level you have at the moment. This could be to check if you already meet the English language requirements for a university course you’re applying for.

And the great news is that our ELLT is accepted by many universities as evidence of your English language level, meaning you know you’ll be able to progress to a wide range of degree courses after taking your test with us.

Check out the list of universities where ELLT is acceptable:

How it works

  • Four stages (i.e. reading, listening, writing & speaking) to assess your English language ability in each skill.
  • Completed 100% online so you can find out your English language level from home.
  • Recognized by many universities so you can choose from a wide range of courses to progress onto.
  • Our English Language Test is supported by qualified teaching and examination staff from our language schools which are accredited by the British Council
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